Visa Information

For Exhibitors

Visa Issue For Exhibitors

United Events ensures the receipt of the Iraqi visa according to a special procedure prepared for this purpose. Each company must send a colored photocopy of the Participants’ passport valid for more than six months.

Deadline for visa submission is 28 March, 2021.

Please provide in the email subject:- Visa; the name of your company.

Please attach: photocopy of the passports and the filled table of participant.

Please send to this email [email protected] 

Put [email protected] & [email protected] in cc.

for any additional information contact +964 7711265625

The visa is an electronic, the participant is allowed to travel with this visa and get this visa stamped on passport at Baghdad International Airport.

There is no need to go to the Iraqi Consulate abroad in this case.


Land of the Baghdad International Fair, Dimashq Street, Baghdad, Iraq.

(+964) 780 666 6661

[email protected]

Show Dates

Sat April 10 2021 

Sun April 11 2021 

Mon April 12 2021

Tue April 13 2021