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International Defense Exhibition in Iraq «IQDEX 2024»
April 20th – 23rd, 2024 Baghdad International Fairground, Baghdad, Iraq
IQDEX will have five key domain-focused Zones: Aerospace, Land, Naval, Security & Joint, all showcasing the latest equipment and systems.
2023 Exhibitors
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Baghdad perfectly combines its role as a business destination.
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Dr. Khalid Al-Obeidi
His Excellency the former Minister of Defence
In recognition of your efforts in preparing and preparing for the exhibition of security and defense and your role in supporting the armed forces, I would like to thank and appreciate you. We hope for more effort and giving based on solid scientific foundations, God willing, to serve our great country.
Mr. Qasim Al-Araji
His Excellency Iraq’s National Security Advisor
We believe in the positive role played by the private sector in developing the economic movement of our dear homeland and for your national role through the establishment of qualitative and distinguished exhibitions that mimic the requirements and challenges facing our ministry at the security level and in developing the infrastructure of its joints in order to provide the necessary service to the people of our home. We appreciate you and wish you success.
Lieutenant-General Jalil Al-Rubaie
Commander of the Baghdad Operations Command
I visited the Iraq Defense Exhibition from its opening day until the closing day. I noticed the efforts of all the brothers responsible for the exhibition and it was at an honorable level. We hope that these efforts will continue because of their positive impact on the participating countries and companies. We wish you success.
Major General Dr. Saad Maan
Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior and Baghdad Operations
.The exhibition is wonderful and distinctive in all its aspects, both in terms of international participation and exhibits or through the process of organization and God willing achieve its desired goal
Mr. Hasan Al-Senaid
Former President of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee
We extend our thanks and appreciation to you for your efforts in the organizing of the Defense, Security and Aviation Exhibition, which provided a great opportunity to meet the national and international companies in this regard … And to further development and progress.
Lieutenant-General Riyadh Jalal Tawfeeq
commander of the Ninevah Operations Command
In view of our participation in the Security and Defense Exhibition, which was opened under the patronage of the Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and for your great efforts in cooperation and providing all facilities to the Chairman and members of the Committee formed from our headquarters for this purpose, which ultimately added to active participation in the presentation of the activities and initiatives of the Land Forces Command Good and worthy of the heroic Iraqi army and this is proof of your awareness and your love and cooperation with the military and our brave Iraqi army so we offer you our thanks and appreciation and high through you to all who contributed to the success of this exhibition to prove to the whole world that we are the makers of successes In the war against terrorism and in the international technical and security posts, asking God Almighty t
Lieutenant-General Jabar Obaid Kadim
Commander of the Air Defence
As a tribute to your efforts and dedication to work for the success of the security and defense exhibition on the ground of the Baghdad International Fair we thank you to express our respect for what you have done.
Lieutenant-General pilot Shihab Jahid Ali
Commander of the IRAQI-AIR FORCE
After observing what the IRAQI DEFENSE EXHIBITION had to offer this year , we couldn’t help but notice the prestigious quality of work that had been pushed forward by the staff of event. we hope to continue seeing work of this caliber since it left a very positive impact on everyone , and made it that much easier for the participating countries and companies to display new military technology at the IRAQI DEFENSE EXHIBITION. We wish you utmost success.
Lieutenant-General Ali Hussain Ali
Commander of the Naval Force
We extend to you our thanks and gratitude for your dedication and perseverance in your work in the service of our valiant army and your distinguished role in the performance of duties in the work of the Iraqi naval force who is maintains the protection of our territorial waters and represents one of the pillars of Iraq’s security and sovereignty. We wish you and all the sons of the brave Navy success and progress in the service of Iraq and its people.
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